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Meatballs and gravy tasty. Service dimaklumi aja, if not going to stress first, kesel means. The cashier is the girl jauuuuuuuhh from the word beautiful. Judesnya more expensive than the price baksonya. Yet the smile is a free worship. Pdhl asked about the baksonya

Yes, but the taste of the meatballs really defeats the service ... most of the guys are really not sweet and not flexible ... but OK and the food is great ...

I don't want to buy this sony meatball in wolter again ... old service, no tissue, no queue ... ntar bangkruuuttty ... just know the taste

Yes, many buyers who feel like that, the buyer should be the King, but maybe because the buyer is so crowded so there are buyers who feel neglected and feel not getting the expected service.

The face of his server makes me eat ... If I do not want to work it out of making the customer tired .. Sinu tauuuuu

The number of servants is less

Far from Jakarta, he said, which is famous for Sony meatballs, when he saw the waiter hanging out, he didn't want to serve, when he was called the smelly answerane, I didn't get the message right away.

Yes, because so many customers are usually confused. But now it's using the message system using notes, so it's just right when we list our orders and later come in line with the queue.

If you want to order the meatballs can be via what ya ... Soalanya I stay in batam

Just look for it at shopee, how come there are pedia stores that sell

Service is not optimal. Lack of keeping the location clean. The smell of trash Many employees but lazy Jutek plus arrogant

Yes, sometimes employees like to be arrogant

The waiter is mean ... the service of jeleeek ... It's called trading ... even though it's already tetep service is number one ... If it's not paid for ... let's eat here ... !!!!

He should have trained employees to improve service quality so that there are no bad comments, not all customers can understand and understand.

Is this a message from the shaman, many of whom complain about the service, how come it is not responded to by the owner. The servant on jutek, ignorant, refuses to take care of it

I think it's okay sir just the service is not satisfactory

There is still no stock of small meatballs


Bakson emng delicious bgt, Please for his service in the repair. It's coming first, order ga until sampe. My advice please note the message tuh message, do not directly shoot the amount. Fitting in bill to his waiters, he even forgot.

Yes indeed sometimes his service is inadequate and in because the number of many buyers and waiters so confused

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