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Questions and answers

Yes, but the taste of the meatballs really defeats the service ... most of the guys are really not sweet and not flexible ... but OK and the food is great ...

Yes, many buyers who feel like that, the buyer should be the King, but maybe because the buyer is so crowded so there are buyers who feel neglected and feel not getting the expected service.

The number of servants is less

Yes, because so many customers are usually confused. But now it's using the message system using notes, so it's just right when we list our orders and later come in line with the queue.

Just look for it at shopee, how come there are pedia stores that sell

Yes, sometimes employees like to be arrogant

He should have trained employees to improve service quality so that there are no bad comments, not all customers can understand and understand.

I think it's okay sir just the service is not satisfactory


Yes indeed sometimes his service is inadequate and in because the number of many buyers and waiters so confused